EXILES (original title: EXILE) is an Austrian Documentary Film (2018) by Bernadette Weber, Julia Reiter and Ylenia Busolli, produced by Studium with the support of Henx and Cinema Key, powered by Land Steiermark, Stadt Graz and Film Commission Graz.


Original Title: Exile
International Title: Exiles
Genre: Documentary Film
Running Time: 75 minutes
Year: 2018
Country: Austria
Languages: German, Farsi, Arabic


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Faruk Abdi
Omar Khir Alanam
Mohadese Panahi
Julia Reiter


Directors: Julia Reiter and Bernadette Weber
Cinematography: Bernadette Weber
Original Sound: Julia Reiter
Editing: Ylenia Busolli
Sound Design and Mix: Janne Airaksinen


Other participants:
Zain Alabden
Arza Cokovic
Alena Viola Köstl
Alireza Panahi
Asiyeh Panahi
Markus Retter
Irmgard Zandonella
La Cumbestia
Yalla Sham